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About Us

Rooh International School

Rooh International School is a co-educational International English version School in Uttara, Dhaka which opened in 2018. The school enrolls students in the age range of 3–10 from Play group through to class Five & Tahfiz for memorizing and understanding The holy Quran and providing an international education for local and expatriate children living in Bangladesh.We offer a rich Qur’anic Hifz, Memorizing & Understanding the holy Quran. We also have an entire department dedicated solely for memorizing the Holy Quran (the Tahfeez program) with proper tajweed and sustaining methods.

The school is committed to helping students become responsible for their own actions. Our code of conduct is meant to help them reflect upon their own actions and draw conclusions and lessons for the future. A variety of progressive discipline strategies are in place and will be applicable as required. Nothing can be more effective in motivating the students and sustaining success in the school than celebrating the students’ accomplishments. Celebrating success in the school system regularly breeds more success. We invite every student, teacher, and parent to join the team to celebrate improvements in academics, character, Islamic and leadership.

Our staff and administration are committed to helping each and every student work to their full potential. Our school strives in placing a high emphasis on balanced literacy, numeracy, inquiry-based learning, and outdoor education. As well as attending to the needs of students who are experiencing difficulties in certain subject areas, and for students who are achieving above grade levels.

Our Vision & Mission

Equip the future with leadership qualities through the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.

To contribute in building a happier and prosperous Bangladesh through transforming.