To provide your child with an exceptional combination of the Hifzul Quran and English Version Curriculum that inspires learning and practicing a high standard of life with rich moral values and ethics while building his unparalleled academic skills.


With the birth of a child, a dream is also born. As the child grows every day, so does the dream. When the child reaches the age of schooling, a desperate search for a good school begins. A School that teaches morals, divinity, and Virtue besides worldly knowledge. A school that will help today’s dream to become tomorrow’s future. Bearing this in mind, in 2018 we started our journey as “ROOH International School”. The school was established to provide a unique combination of the English Version curriculum along with the Progressive Tahfizul Qur’an from day One. The motto of our school is to enrich the learners with excellent academic support and a faith-based ambiance at the same time. Starting from Play Class, besides English version studies, our kids learn to recite the Book of ALLAH at a very early age. As the classes succeed, our children progressively get promoted to the Nazera and Tahfiz Program. Added to these, we have a very well-designed Arabic Language Program, that enables our students to understand the language of the Qur’an and very soon will help them to study Tafseer In sha ALLAH. To address the holistic development of our kids, we have added creative education, skill development, and many other aspects to our courses. Here boys and girls have different classrooms that are highly equipped and facilitated. We also have an excellent team of dedicated teachers working to build the future of our nation. Our teachers are always caring, friendly, and interactive. Since the beginning, ROOH International School always tried to provide education for this world and the next. We are committed to preparing our kids as the ambassadors of Goodness both for the country and for the Ummah, in sha ALLAH. With the hope of leaving a mark in this world through our children, we welcome all of you to join the family.


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